Monday, May 30, 2011


We spent our long weekend with the in-laws, or my in-laws, they are Eric's actual parents. They drove up from New Mexico, arriving on Thursday evening. We took it easy, showing them the sights and letting them get reacquainted with Miss Cordelia.

Here is a photographic taste of our weekend...

tea party
Tea Party at the Museum (awesome hairdo)

Blocks with Grandpa

with gmaw
Evening snuggle

On a hike with the gang

My handsome hubby

the fam
What can I say, we can't get enough of that beautiful waterfall!

They left early this morning, headed back to the land of enchantment and I should mention that today is their 42nd wedding anniversary!!!! Congratulations!

What did you do with your weekend?


kirsten said...

Your so lucky to live close to family!

Maria Rose said...

I am happy to live in the same town as my parents, but Eric's family is a 1 1/2 day drive away.

Carmen said...

That, is the fanciest outfit I have seen for a hike ;) Looks like a great time - hopefully Cordelia adjusted well? My kiddos always take a bit of time to warm up to their grandparents that live farther away.

elizabeth said...

i love seeing pictures of you and your little family just enjoying each other. :)

my husband and kiddos went on a hike while i slept after work, we got together with a bunch of good old friends, we started to put together our climbing wall, i mowed some really big dandelions and i have more to mow, i started another quilt, i watched a lame movie with my husband . . . it was a good weekend. :)

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