Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kindness Bandit: Eric and the Case of the Hustling Husky


Well this week the Kindness Bandit award goes to my handsome husband. On Sunday night after attending the graduation ceremony Emily, Eric, a sleeping Cordelia and I were pulling into the yard when we noticed a mastiff and a husky running in our yard. We recognized them as our neighbor's dogs.

There was a moment of hesitation as we were not sure if the mastiff would be aggressive or not (it likes to bark at us through the window). Eric decided that he had to do something. So he hopped out of the car and followed the dogs back into the neighbor's yard where the mastiff seemed happy enough to return home.

Eric knocked on the neighbor's door and told them the situation. They were totally unaware that the dogs had gotten loose. Then the husky, who had not let Eric get a hold of him (her?),bolted happily down the street. Our neighbors told Eric that the dog will just keep running. They hopped in their vehicle and drove off into the darkness after their pooch.

Most people would pat themselves on the back and go back to their own business at this point, but not my man. Eric hopped in our car and drove off in the other direction to help in the search for the hustling husky. When he got around the block he encountered another family desperately trying to corral their own pooch. Eric stopped the car, whistled and picked up the dog. He returned it to the family and continued on with his original mission.

After several near misses he finally found and cornered the husky in some random garage. He grabbed the collar (hoping that the pooch would not be aggressive) and led him/her to the car where the dog happily hopped in, apparently pleased with the evening adventure. Eric returned the dog to the bewildered family who had thought he was gone for good.

Meanwhile we (Emily, Cordelia and I) were inside wondering if Eric was being mauled by an angry mastiff. He returned after 30-45 minutes (I am not sure how long) and told us of his adventure.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that story because I am so proud to be married to him.


Stacy said...

Typical Husky. Typical (and super nice) Eric.

Stacy said...

Okay, I have to leave another comment because the word verification word is "chase" and that
is my mom's maiden name. Happy Monday - hope you had a good visit with Emily.

Emily said...

I love that the title of this post sounds like a Hardy Boys Mystery book. Way to go, Eric! We were glad you were not mauled! :) Oh and that all the dogs involved were not harmed and returned home safely.

Susan S said...

Does he wear a special cape or mask when he goes on these rescue missions?

Kate said...

We have an Australian Shepherd who is almost Obnoxiously clever. Often she escapes from our home or her backyard to the school right across the street (SONshine's school) where she likes to herd the children. They encourage this afternoon recess game energetically, much to the dismay of the yard teachers, lol, but I always know where to seek Darwin.

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