Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kindness Bandit: A Little Help For a Friend ***Reminder to enter the giveaway


OK so this week I have a new friend who needed a little help. She is giving a lecture later this week and she wants to give each of the participants a gift bag. She approached me, hoping I could contribute some art postcards or just whatever I had laying about for her gift bag. I immediately agreed and I just decided to turn it into my weekly KB project.

Rather than handing over some boring postcards I decided to give small original signed and matted prints.


So yesterday I had the images printed, purchased some small mats, assembled the art, and now it is ready to be delivered to total strangers later this week!

***Also, if you are in the market for some new art be sure and check out my giveaway. You have one more day to enter. I will announce a winner tomorrow!


Susan S said...

Cool! Those look really beautiful and it is fun to think of strangers getting such a nice little surprise.

sophie said...

wow, how lucky - your photography is amazing.

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