Thursday, May 12, 2011

Looking Out on the World

She started out so self-contained, unconcerned with the world at large, as long as her needs were met (food, diaper, snuggle). I was the center of her world and it was wonderful, even at 4am when it didn't feel so wonderful. I remember looking down on her tiny cherubic baby face and thinking that someday she would look back, really look back.

Now the parameters of her world have begun to expand at a rapid pace. She grabs my face to make emphatic eye contact when she really has a point to make. She has a deep interest in the world at large. I watch her as she studies the interactions of others or copies my many gestures.

Our new home has afforded her many new experiences: play in the yard, [falling down] stairs, more space, the mysteries of the garage (apparently), but most of all is the front window. Throughout the day she climbs up onto the couch and gazes out the window. Sometimes she is looking for birds at the bird feeder, noticing the leaves on the tree, watching her daddy leave for work, waiting for a visit from her grandparents, or spotting the biiiiig truck (garbage truck).

Waiting for Grandpa Mike

I watch her looking out on the world, taking it all in with fresh new eyes. The thrill of every little thing delights her. I can sense that we are on the brink (or precipice as my father would say with extra emphasis on the letter c) of change. Soon she will be doing and going. She already is in so many ways, but there is more to come. I am so thrilled for this little lady to experience all that the world has to offer, but let's just look out the window a bit longer please.



Susan S said...

Ooooh.... I am so very grateful for that little person!

Momma CupKate said...

Shes so very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you that it is really just as lovely to "hang out" with your girl, or girls as i have. We are friends! But there are *gulp* moments when I miss my babies!! Such a sweet time. Can't wait to see the big reveal on the house. From your vegan, yoga mama friend, Clare in California

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