Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Rain

I heard it before I opened my eyes, the gentle thud of rain falling. I thought to myself, "So this is what rain sounds like when it falls on my own home." I opened my eyes and enjoyed the quiet sounds of the house, the rain, human and animal sleep sounds.

I touched my bare feet to the hardwood floor and walked down the hallway. Listening for the one stair that has a little creak. Cordelia seemed content to snuggle for a bit and then we spent a good half hour looking out the window as the rain morphed from fat drops into fat flakes and back into drops again.


Back patio



How was your morning?


Stacy said...

What a lovely post. Yay homeowner! I had rain this morning's still coming.

elizabeth said...

so happy to hear that you are starting to settle into your new home!

blessings to you and your little family as you unpack and hunker down. :)

Susan S said...

Aaaah, you sound so contented. I like that.

kirsten said...

Your writing is so lovely. Its such an amazing feeling to own your own home :) Congratulations again.

Orlando Rivercow said...

Beautiful in the desert wind...75-80ish all's all good! I AM green with envy though...wish it would rain here...hasn't rained since the fall

Momma CupKate said...

We are still without rain, alas.

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