Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Three Tales

Tale #1: Grills
We got our first grill recently in an attempt to feel more suburban. After careful consideration (mostly in search of a very inexpensive grill) we settled on a charcoal grill (see pictures below) that was supposed to be a snap to start up. Well, it was not easy. Eric tried everything to start the charcoal a burnin', but to no avail. There was quite a show of smoke and they say where there is smoke there's fire...whoever they were was not speaking in reference to our grill.

I had prepped some vegan kabobs with zucchini, pineapple, onion, mushroom, etc. We also had some veggie burgers ready to go. At one point we thought the grill was going to we set everything on it, but mostly it got a good smoking.

Looks promising...

Eric getting a taste of the smoke

Cordelia kept herself entertained

Cordelia reassuring Eric after the grill fiasco

Eventually my wonderful husband suggested that we just try it again another day when we had more time (it was getting late). Thank goodness I married a non-stubborn man; he will even stop and ask for directions. So I brought the food back in and put it under the brolier for a few minutes. Thankfully the smoke had really infused some flavor (and perhaps some carcinogens) and it tasted like a real barbecue.

Any tips on starting a charcoal grill?

Tale #2: Robin

Yesterday I had quite a major surprise. I went out with my mother as per our usual routine. We stopped at the mall to let Cordelia play in the germ pit--I mean the children's play area. I anticipated that we would meet my father for lunch as usual.

As I was sitting there, chatting with my mother I suddenly gasped because there was one of my oldest friends, Robin! She had not told me she was coming through town. I couldn't believe it. Joining her was her son, mother and father. They had been around the country and were on their way home to Montana and decided to stop in Wyoming for a visit!

I had a little time to just talk with Robin as Cordelia snoozed. I was so happy to just see her. She is one of those friends who is so easy to just pick up right where we left off!


She gifted me with a housewarming rhododendron, which is now happily planted in my yard. While the visit was short we plan to see each other again soon!

Tale #3: The Winner

I am sad to say that not everyone can win, but keep checking in I will be doing several art giveaways in the months to come. The winner of this art giveaway is...Elizabeth! Congratulations. Please email me with your address.


Public Transitor said...

We use a chimney to start ours:

We never use any kind of starter. It takes a little bit of time but if you have patience, it is well worth it!

Anonymous said...

We use a chimney to start our barbeque:

It takes a little bit of patience until the coals start going, there is a lot of smoke, but it is totally worth it. It looks like you might have one build into your grill, but maybe google it.....

Daphne said...

Re: charcoal grill -- get yourself a chimney starter. You should be able to get one at any hardware/home store (wherever you got your grill). Cheap, easy, no lighter fluid necessary, and it works every time! SO MUCH BETTER.

Jennifer said...

Lighter fluid is what my husband uses. If the grill is being stubborn he just squirts more fluid until it gets going. You also have to let it sit for a while, but I am not the chargrilling expert so I can't tell you how long :-/ We don't use one but I've heard that those starting canisters (I am at a loss of their real name) work very well. Good Luck!! Veggie kabobs sound great!!

Kate said...

When I was still alone with my SONshine, I was Determined that he shouldn't miss out on anything just because I was a single momma. So for days the first summer he was old enough to eat grilled type food, I trudged out the grill I'd bought and tried (in vain) to light the fire. And every single time (being more stubborn than your admirable husband) we ended up eating LATE. After that, I pretended grills just didn't exist. At all. Then I met the Mister who is outdoors-y and camps Often (even in the snow in Alaska!) Needless to say, I believe he has some magical gift of fire in him, because we can both try the same techniques and mine leads to fits and his leads to fires.

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