Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Today I will:

~ Use the sidewalk chalk we just bought for $1. There is a threat for rain, but we have a covered patio.

~Take Bumblebee for a walk with my girl.

~Drink some tea.

~Work on my studio/ the guest room. This is the last room in the house to get much attention and I need to get it ready as need to have a workspace AND I am expecting a very important and special guest in just over a week!

~Get some curtains sewn for our bedroom and Cordelia's bedroom.

~Marvel and the newly opening leaves.

~Eat too many vegan chocolate chip cookies.

~Play dress up with my little lady.

~ Spend some time chatting with Eric this evening.

~Prepare the test for class tomorrow, my last class and then summer break. The great thing about teaching is that I still get to enjoy summer break!

What are you up to today?


the mountain fox said...

Sounds like a lovely full day!

Emily said...

Yay!!!! I can't wait. I will gladly help you eat too many vegan chocolate chip cookies next weekend.

elizabeth said...

i like your plans. :)

my order of the day:
make granola and eat some - check
do schoolwork with my kiddos - in process
sew - a bunch of things cut out
meeting at the bank

pepper said...

what a lovely day you have planned! I especially love the cookies. oh and the chalk. the leaves too. and the tea! all of it.
Pepper x

Kate said...

A) Chalk is a summer necessity in our home
B) I love your photography. Am getting online tutelage from my dearest friend, but alas, even she cannot stop me from the BAD IMAGE. Le sigh. I am learning to embrace it like a B-movie actress.

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