Wednesday, June 1, 2011

House Tour: Cordelia's Room

Well, I have been promising some photos of our new house and I thought I'd start things off today. I will give you a full tour in several posts over the coming weeks. I think doing it in bits and pieces will be the best way so I don't do a 300 image blog post.

I am starting with Cordelia's room first, primarily because it is the most complete room in the entire house, with the exception of a new light fixture which will come in time (we have a few dozen of those small finishing touches throughout the house).

Below are a couple of before photos. The room was carpeted with a white carpet and had lavender paint that had long since faded. You could see shadows from where photos had hung on the walls and the paint had not faded. Overall it was in great condition, just not to our taste.



We painted the walls a green color which turned out more brightly than anticipated. We ended up really loving the brighter shade of green. We also tore out the carpet and got new outlet and switch covers (the previous covers had a very catholic theme).

Here is a look in at her dresser and bed

Cordelia is hanging out on her bed after a good time playing dress up.

A corner of her room. Sunlight coming through the window and the closet with a pink flower garland that I made while I was pregnant with Cordelia.

Inside of Cordelia's closet. Clothes, storage and the special books (non-board books) that are read with supervision.

Rocking chair

Cordelia putting her room to good use. We are using her baby buggy as storage for her stuffed animals.

Original art by Michael Copeland

Rocking chair that I recovered and painted bookshelf. I also made curtains to match.

Dresser, Chinese umbrella and edge of bed.

So there is the first official look at our house. More to come in the following days and weeks. Hope you enjoyed it!


AKM said...

I love the pyramid dresser and the rocking chair you redid. Such a cheery room!

Tammie said...

ooh. her room is just lovely. bravo.

Jessica Harrington said...

oh my gosh! look at you go! that is a room out of a decorator catalog! i bet you are LOVING being a homeowner! :)

Victoria said...

Ohhhh so cute! Was your color palette inspired by Cope's heart?? Can't wait to see what else you are doing!!! xo

Carmen said...

Her room looks so warm & inviting :) Love the umbrella.

Emily said...

I hadn't seen the "before" photos! Wow! What a difference! You guys have created such a bright, comfortable room for your lovely lady. I think it will help spark that sweet imagination of hers even more. :)

sophie said...

What a beautiful room Maria,and one that will grow with her i'm sure.

kirsten said...

Super cute...I love that colour. That is awesome that you had those amazing wood floors underneath carpet!

Woodspritemama said...

so much love in there ~

singlemama said...

lucky girl...

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