Friday, June 24, 2011


Yesterday afternoon was one of those afternoons. Everyone was a little hot, a little cranky and a lot whiney--except yours truly I never whine...

I suggested a walk alongside our swollen river to change the mood. We piled our crew into the car as Cordelia asked 10,000 times if we were going to bring her stroller. Bumblebee started whining with a nasal intensity that truly must be experienced to fully comprehend (think of the most annoying sound you know and then add a dash of Urkle, a heaping spoonful of nails on the chalkboard, and this--then you might have an idea). So by the time we made it to the river the mood wasn't exactly serene.

We got out of the car and took a stroll along the trail. The foliage was green and lush, unusual for Wyoming. The river had washed over its banks, making for an altered landscape. I began to focus on green growing things, taking some pictures along the way.








flower by water

We walked along and slowly things began to change. Eric and I chatted about our day, Cordelia was really interested in the river, Bumblebee pooped by the water (she really loves that--kind of creeps us out) and we were mercifully near a garbage can.

We drove home and I started some dinner as the rest of the gang hung out. When we sat down to eat the mood had completely changed. Somewhere along the way we had let go of the cranky and managed to salvage a lovely evening out of what could have been a bummer. Thank goodness. How do you switch gears when your day has been de-railed?


Anonymous said...

A beautiful solution - you always have such brilliant ideas! We usually go to the beach when the walls start closing in on my and I feel like crawling out of my own skin. Water seems to be a fabulous cure-all :-)

Susan S said...

You are such a good wife/mom.

Kate said...

I wish we had water nearby to which we could escape. We garden.

Tammie said...

bumblebee pooped by the water. HA!

liz likes to pee in parking lots near cars. so weird.

Voom Voom Veda said...

We go for a walk...usually does the trick for the five of us!

When our oldest, Milo, was a wee babe, we would walk around the West End of Portland, ME to soothe his little baby woes. Glad we learned early on.

I love rivers, there is something so farmilar about the edge. When I think of how people have been drawn to them for food and sustaining life. To watch them flow gives such serenity. Good stuff!

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