Wednesday, July 27, 2011

After the Storm

We could see the storm coming, there was lightning in the distance, big looming clouds. We were driving in the car, headed home for some dinner. The first drops hit along with some gusty winds. We drove past two women and their dogs who were running home to avoid the full brunt of the storm. Then it slammed down on us, no little preliminary droplets, just a sudden cloudburst.

We pulled our car into the garage and left the door open for a moment so we could watch the rain fall in the street; slipping down from treetops and into the gutters which quickly became little rivers.

Eventually we set up by the window in the living room so Cordelia could say, "Its waining" about 9 zillion times.

Then it was over. The wind gusts stayed on, pushing the storm clouds away. The sun peaked out. Birds came out from their hideaways to hunt for (poor baby) worms. We opened all of the doors and windows to let in the fresh cool air. Perfect.

The passing storm

Stars and vines

Wet fence

fence with robin
Robin on the fence

Wet tree

two cuties
Looking through the back door

Last drops

How was your night?


Kate said...

We read this just as we're about to go outdoors. Great inspiration for nature. {Also, we're making some Maria-stars today. Named by SONshine.}

Maria Rose said...

Have fun outside AND star making!

Susan S said...

Wait a minute.... who took that first photo? Were you actually up there on the mountain?

Maria Rose said...

Mom, it was Eric! Don't worry I told him I'd be really mad if he got struck by lightning!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos as always. We had a storm here but not a nice one. Crazy lighting strikes :/ Glad yours was nice.

sophie said...

Exactly the kind of rain I love, big and powerful then over! Summer rain is wonderful.

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