Friday, July 8, 2011

Andy and Anne

Every summer we look forward to fresh fruit, the farmer's market, the fourth of July and our annual visit from Anne and Andy. You may recall that I have mentioned them a few times in the past. Andy is a touring musician. He spends his summers on a children's music tour (check him out here). Anne is his lovely lady, a dear friend and a grad student.

We started out yesterday with a kid's concert by Andy Mason at our local library.

the show
Andy at work

Snuggles and careful observation

We thought Cordelia would really get into the show as she loves to go crazy at home and dance around when we play Andy's music, but she preferred to observe the other children from the safety of our laps. She let loose just a few times.

The concert, Andy's rocking out

air guitar
This kid played air guitar the entire show, it was rad

Dancing with dad
Dancing during the show

Quality time with Anne

Once the show was over Cordelia put on a little show of her own...

Dancing, after the crowd left

Then we went to lunch together. Andy and Anne were off for another afternoon show while Cordelia took a little snooze.

For the record this is how Ophelia spent the day

Later in the evening (after the guys played an intense tennis match) we all spent some time on the back patio after a passing rain shower.


Clear evening after a rain shower

Eric on the back patio

Feet in the grass
Sweet feet in the grass

Anne on the back patio

Cordelia and Andy
Andy and Cordelia enjoying the evening air

C'est moi


Kate said...

I don't know Andy, but Anne is good people. Glad you're having fun!

Emily said...

We play his DVD all the time! All three of my kids love his music. So glad you introduced us to it!

Anonymous said...

I love Courdy's ringlets!!!! I hope they stay. My Deirdre had them until 3 and then they vanished :(

Jesse @ Happy Go Lucky Vegan said...

I love that you named our daughter Cordelia! I've loved that name for many years. :) It looks like you are enjoying the summer so far - your pictures are so lovely!

Kate said...

I've looked at the pictures on this post about 4 million times. They're the epitome of summer. Make me happy; our house has been fighting a nasty bug, for days I've done very little {outside or in}, and these pictures make me feel like I'm getting well. Excited for tomorrow to come so I can play outside with the babes.

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