Monday, July 4, 2011

Home is Where the Heap is.

Yesterday afternoon Eric broke out the power tools and got all kinds of manly. There was drilling and sawing and sweating underneath the blazing hot sun. My handsome husband fashioned me a heap to call my own, a compost heap that is.

Eric's fake smile

Using four re-purposed shipping pallets (how eco of us) picked up for free from a local store, 4 L-brackets, 2 hinges, 1 lock, and a few bricks we (and by we I mean Eric) were able to quickly assemble a nice big compost heap.

area for compost
No man's land

We have a little space between our backyard and our neighbors, a sort of no-man's land, just a narrow alley of about 6 feet. I spoke to our neighbor and he was perfectly OK with our compost-y vision.

Eric gathered the supplies and set to work. He had to make a few modifications as we chose an area with a slight incline (hence the sawing and brick laying).

Cordelia and the dogs were super-helpful.

Eric's helpers

glove girl
Wearing some work gloves

When the job was done I gathered the leaves that I've been saving and tossed them in along with some veggie food scraps. Now it's all about finding the perfect balance and then I will soon have some gorgeous soil to add to my gardens.

the heap
The heap

Composting at last

Do you have a compost heap? Any advice for compost newbies?


Susan S said...

This is proof that dreams DO come true!

Tammie said...

yay! i love compost heaps and cant wait until i can have one of my own again.

Emily said...

Your gardens will love you for it too! Nice work!

Rachel said...

Congrats on your new compost pile! I have no wisdom to impart as I am still thinking about setting one up but if you come along some tips to pass along, that would be lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is the first year we had our own compost to put in our garden. I insisted it make the move with us, too. A couple weeks ago, I noticed all these squash like plants popping up where I did not plant them. I replanted them, and just yesterday noticed two of them are starting to grow baby squash. Composting is great!!!!!

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