Saturday, July 30, 2011

Note to Self


Dear Maria,

I know that it seems like these hot and sunny days will never end, but they will. Oh they will. They will be replaced by a short and beautiful fall and then a long, cold, windy (and still beautiful) winter.

So before summer is over please remember to spend every minute that you can outside. Drink plenty of pink lemonade from the big glasses. Don't forget to make some vegan coleslaw, because it is so goood!

  • Take a couple more trips. More on those soon!
  • Eat the tomatoes in the garden
  • Take a hike along Bridal Trail
  • Get a lesson plan in order for my fall classes
  • Make some decisions about art shows
  • Graduate, finally...August 12th!
  • Go to the city band concert
  • Go to a movie with Eric
  • Visit the natural bridge
  • Bake some cookies (always)
  • Take evening walks with Bumblebee
  • Drink more lemonade
  • Spend as much time outside as possible
  • Finish up summer craft/art/sewing projects
  • Submit those writings to the contests
  • Eat more watermelon


1 comment:

Kate said...

P.S. Thanks for reminding Kate. It's this part of the summer that she needs reminding daily.

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