Friday, July 29, 2011

Nothing Much Happened, but it was Nice

We started out looking for pelicans. Eric had seen them on his way to work. We grabbed the camera, the dog, the girl and hit the road. We talked as we drove, never finding the elusive Wyoming pelicans.

We did stop by the river. I suggested a walk, even though there were ominous clouds. "They don't look lightningy (I sometimes make up words)," I said. So we unloaded our crew and started to walk along the path. Eric took some photos, Bumblebee sniffed around. Cordelia and I checked out nature.

Then the rain started pouring down. So we took cover under some trees (I was right there was no lightning-don't worry mom) and waited for the rain to pass. We watched the rain fall around us. We watched an older gentleman in running shorts pressing on even though the wind had blasted the rain into one half of his body, soaking 50% of him.

The shower let up quickly and we continued on with our stroll. Eric still taking photos.


Cordelia was carrying a little purse. She started collecting rocks in it. (** bonus info: lately she has been insisting on stripping down to her undies, slinging her purse over her shoulder and saying,"Going to work Mommy."---not sure what that is about). So we ventured a bit off the trail and gathered rocks.


We walked some more. We talked some more. We got rained on a bit.


That was it, nothing much happened, but it was really nice.


Keia Kato-Berndt said...

best kind of time in my opinion :) love the photos of you and Cordelia! they are just so sweet.

elizabeth said...

those are my favorite kinds of evenings. my very favorite. :)

(and speaking of made-up words, the word verification is "ephoolou" - just made me grin.)

Kate said...

A} Maybe Cordelia is going to be a ballerina.
B} It rained yesterday. It was hard rain for about 10 minutes and my SONshine, who sees so little rain, was ecstatic. He danced and played and sat and splashed the entire time, coming in, finally, soaked, dirty, stinky, and exuberant. Made me pleased. I know people who have been in this area for 50 years, and because of our lack of moisture this year are having to quit their fields, but I think for all that, my SONshine was just as grateful for the moisture as they were.

Stacy said...

Sounds lovely! Those are just the right types of days.

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