Friday, August 26, 2011

About Her

So many of my readers have been reading for years. Many of you were with us when we announced my pregnancy (here), when Cordelia was born (here), and along the road we have followed since then. Many of you know her, or feel as though you do. Can you believe that in just over a month she will be two years old??!!! I feel like I fell into some strange time vortex. How did we get here? Cray-zay.


Anyway, please allow me a few moments to share with you some of the amazing things my little lady is up to:
  • Cordelia can count to 11. She goes 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-8-14 up to the very end she is pretty impressive!
  • OK this one is really braggy (braggy is a word, just an undocumented one), she knows her right and left! We showed her last week and didn't really think she'd get it, because sometimes it is tough for adults (admit it). Anyway, she has been 100% consistently accurate with it!
  • She identifies musical instruments in songs. She started this about a week ago. She says, "Hear piano, hear drums, hear guitar." She calls them out as they start up in a given song.
  • She loves to cuddle her stuffed animals, calling them her "buddies". The animals are always carried around in groups of 2-3. She will hug them individually and tell them, "You're precious."
  • She is super-girlie. She always wants to wear dresses and if I put my hair up she wants a ponytail too.
  • She also has kind of a unique sense of fashion. A couple of days ago she insisted on wearing the sparkle hat (here), sparkly shoes, underwear, and the blue coat (here) --- no shirt no pants.
  • She loves to give hugs and kisses to her family.
  • She is weirdly interested in moles...still. She loves to point them out to people, just in case they weren't aware they had a mole or something. It is really appreciated. Future dermatologist?
  • She sleeps with a stuffed dog she calls Douglass, named because it came with a tag that says Douglass. If she wakens in the night she calls out for Douglass, "Want Douglass, want Douglassssssssss MAMA! Ahhhh!"
  • She loves the outdoors. She would spend all of her time outside if she could. I am so pleased that I have a little nature lover.
  • She copies everything. I mean everything. Yesterday morning I was walking around, narrating my actions for my little follower. She was repeating me as we went along. Then Eric came into the room and I said, "Hello handsome." Then in a tiny voice we heard her repeat "Hello handsome."
  • She puts her stuffed animals on the potty chair and gives them some rather rude sound effects. Who taught her that? Oh yeah it was me, what was I thinking?
I could go on and on, but I will stop now. Thanks for indulging me today.


AKM said...

Smarty McPrecious! Heheheh. I love hearing about her. She's too darling for words.

Have a wonderful weekend with her!

elizabeth said...

oh, indulge away. i love hearing about your little miss.

and i love talking about my kiddos, too. :) so there.

and two is amazing. don't let people tell you it's terrible. (i found the first few months of three to be much more challenging with both of mine . . . )

Anonymous said...

She's just perfect! I still remember us stilling at Watercourse when you were newly pregnant. And even though I promised myself I wouldn't tell you horror stories, I couldn't help myself (still can't...can you say, "issues??"). And you, as always, were gracious in spite of it all. Anyway, I am so very, very happy that Cordelia has brought you nothing but joy!! Hugs to you both!

Stacy said...

Posts about your daughter are among my favorite. She's an awesome little kid.

Kate Ware said...

She is such a wise, sweet little soul. I absolutely love that she hugs her buddies and tells them "you're precious." I have loved seeing her grow, and reading your posts about her. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

Emily said...

If I could see her today, I'd hug her and tell her, "You're precious!" She is such a joy!

Susan S said...

I love that you appreciate all her adorableness so well. I only wish every little person was made to feel as loved. You are an excellent mother!

I think these posts remind everyone to relish the moments they have with other children as well. So, really, bragging about Cordelia is a public service that benefits all children everywhere.

Kate said...

I could read on and on. Thanks for indulging your readers. I DO feel like I know your lovely daughter. Bless her heart, she's gonna have fans her entire life.

Veggie Tales said...

She's so adorable and clever!

singlemama said...

I'm impressed about the instruments thing... to me she's a genius. :)

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