Thursday, August 25, 2011

End of Summer


I know that it isn't technically the end of summer, but since I start teaching my class tonight it kind of feels like the end. Well, I started teaching my online course on Monday, but since that all happens on the internet it feels kind of imaginary.

Lavendar flowers

I will get my books, notes, syllabus, etc. in order today and this evening it is off to start a new school year. I will meet my students. I will let class out a bit early, to ease us all back into the semester. The sun will still be out when I leave the classroom and get into the car, but I know that by the end of the semester there will be darkness and snow and we will have slipped through the end of summer, through fall and right into the heart of winter.


I hate to say goodbye to summer (well not the 97 F we expect today) and all of the green growing things, but I am so excited about fall and our first Christmas in our new home.


I still have some veggies to harvest in my garden before the season officially ends. Most of our summer plans have been completed. We traveled to Montana, South Dakota, through Wyoming, Colorado and North Carolina. We have had plenty of company from all around the United States.


So, now I am saying goodbye to summer as I break out my teacher clothes and get back to reality. What a lovely summer this has been!

sun dial

How do you gauge the end of summer?


Kathryn Ashcroft said...

Oh it's just the same for me... the teaching starting again. I don't go back until Sept the 5th, but already I'm starting to feel the change of the season, the slight chill. I love it, I'm excited about coloured tights, stripey scarves, mittens... (although I'm sure I won't be quite so excited in a couple of months time!). I hope your class goes well tonight... enjoy xx

Carmen said...

Good luck tonight! Our first leaves are starting to fall, and in the mornings we are already wearing sweaters :) I mark the end of summer by Sept. 1st (my birthday).

Kirsten said...

End of summer?! Nooooooo
That's when the snow comes :p

AKM said...

It's the end of summer here when I don't have to run my A/C and I can just open windows. AAAHHH...looking forward to that day...

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