Thursday, August 11, 2011

Evening Music

Last night we headed out for the local Wednesday evening concert put on by the art museum. We arrived and had planned to make a quick stop, but we kept running into people we knew.

chatting with dad

the band
The musicians

watching the show

I could remember how just a couple of years ago we would stop by these kinds of events and not recognize a soul, wondering if we ever would.


Hugging her dad


Dancing with a friend
Dancing with a friend

A little rest

When we finally pulled ourselves away we marveled at how quickly and warmly this community has come to accept us, a family of eccentric vegans living in Wyoming.


Suburban Snow White said...

I love love that picture of the echinacea.I planted one last year in one of my gardens and someone (our resident groundhog?) keeps eating it. So we only got two blooms, but I hope someday to have a whole bunch like the ones in that photo.

Stacy said...

Lovely! But I am not surprised by how you were welcomed... you're delightful people!

Maria Rose said...

Thank you Stacy!

Susan S said...

I do believe this community has had a few lovely surprises for you, hasn't it?

Kate said...

I'm horribly shy and tend to avoid people, so while I was watching SONshine earlier this summer, I was astonished to note he's ... outgoing. I now look for entertainments such as this to encourage my little socialite.

Anonymous said...

What fun!!! By the way, I STILL love your knit poncho but my son I think loves it more. His lovie happens to be a knit blanket and the other day he saw the poncho and adopted it as his extra lovie!!! Haha. I promise to share a photo!

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