Friday, August 5, 2011

Interview With Cordelia

Today I thought you might enjoy a glimpse into the mind of a little girl who is nearly two. What makes this little girl tick? What are her hopes and dreams for the future. The world wants to know!

Sweet girl

Me: Hi Cordelia...

(No response--totally zoned out)

Me: Hey Cordy...
Cordelia: (Waving) Watcha doing?

Me: What do you want to do today?
Cordelia: See Grandma

Me: You want to see Grandma?
Cordelia: Bode too?

Me:Maybe later....What did you have for breakfast today?

Cordelia: Hmmm.(pauses to think and then decides the question does not need an answer, changes the subject) Wanna see Grandpa. Wanna see Grandpa. Wanna see ball.
Me:What did you drink for breakfast? (for the record she had toast, V8 juice and tofu for breakfast--weird girl)

Cordelia: Grandpa here? Grandma here?

Me: No honey, but we will see them later this morning.What color is your shirt?
Cordelia: (Looks closely)Purple
Me: Good job it is purple with some pink too.What are you holding?

Cordelia: Orange and blue crayon mama (she has papers strewn about the room with some colors scribbled on many of them---and maybe a little on the wall too)

Me:What did you color?
Cordelia: ABCD look at I made it. (she holds up a paper where I had previously written out the alphabet and then she scribbled over the top)

Me: Very good! Did you color a waterfall too?
Cordelia: Mama hug. (She dives onto me and gives me a big hug, pressing her face into my cheek and wrapping her arms around my neck)Big Mama, little Cordy.

Me: Yep I'm big and you're little.How old are you?
Cordelia: 1 (she holds up one finger)Mama 3. Daddy 3 and one. (I recently told her that I was 30 and that her daddy was 31---guess this is how she understood it).

A pause...

Cordelia: Rainbows right there mama.
Me: Rainbows? Are you talking about the shadows on the wall?

Cordelia: Rainbows back? (I realize that she is referring to the rainbows cast by a prism in the evening sun)
Me: We will see the rainbows tonight honey.

Cordelia: Go Gabba Gabba (Yo Gabba Gabba) or Buh-dets (Wonder Pets) now please Mama.
Me: OK, just for a little bit.

So there you have it, another compelling interview!


Kate said...

Her audience loves her.

AKM said...

Oh! I got a little teary-eyed, it's so precious.

Susan S said...

Oh, I love that little sweety so much!

singlemama said...

she's gourgeous.

Kirsten said...

cutie! Leeluu loves gabba gabba too :)

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