Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Monday afternoon I found myself in the role of photographer's assistant. Eric was doing a photo shoot for my yoga instructor/friend Ashely. She is planning to start a site and needed some photos of herself doing some yoga. She had the great idea to take the photos out of town in an old junkyard.

My mother took Cordelia (extra sweet as they are in the middle of re-carpeting their house) for a few hours so we could focus on the photos.

We drove out to the junkyard which is located in the middle of nowhere (think Hills Have Eyes horror movie location). We spotted a trailer and brave Ashley went in to ask if we could wander around the junkyard. She said that the owners were totally fine with it (apparently they were just normal people and not mutants--kind of a bummer). So we wandered the junkyard finding cool locations to shoot. I set off on a scouting mission and became momentarily distracted by a herd of horses (for the record I did talk to them).

Eric and Ashley working on a shot

Eric got some amazing shots. Ashley did a wonderful job and I stole the camera a few times (see photos below) as I couldn't resist the beauty of the junkyard. There were old buses, cars, trailers, toys, lawn ornaments and more.


Ashley and I wondered at the lives that each object had before they inevitably ended up in this junkyard, finding new life as art or homes for jackrabbits, spiders and mice.






Susan S said...

Oh such cool photos! I can't wait to see the offical ones as well.

elizabeth said...

i bet eric got some awesome photos - the colors and backgrounds are wonderful!

Emily said...

I love the colors in these photos! Especially the bright blue color of the trailor. I'm glad you got some great shots!

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