Friday, August 19, 2011

North Carolina Trip: Day 2 and 3

We awoke on day two just as a morning rain shower was letting up.

wet leaves

teepee and birdhouse


Once we were all fed, groomed and ready to go we jumped into the car and headed to the historic town of Hillsborough. We parked the car and took a leisurely stroll through an historic neighborhood. Many of the gorgeous homes had a sign posted out front with the date the home was made, many from the 1700s and 1800s, kind of amazing for us westerners where most homes are less than a hundred years old.

Walking through the historic district

historic home


Eric and Cordelia


After our stroll we stopped for lunch at Waverly St. Market (not on Waverly St.) and then we headed to an old cemetery to check it out.



Then we enjoyed some refreshing popsicles!


Later we stopped by the Eno River to check it out.

Suspension bridge
Suspension Bridge

Ben and Sara and C
Ben, Sara, Cordelia

E by the river

C by the River
Cordelia spent much of her time throwing rocks into the river

Finally we headed to downtown Raleigh to have a look around.

Ben, being Ben, downtown Raleigh

C and I downtown
Cordelia and I

We ended the day back at Ben and Sara's house where she cooked us up a tasty meal. We settled in for the night just as a massive rain storm hit.

We awoke the following morning to a bright and beautiful day. We flew home, Cordelia did AMAZINGLY WELL! We made it to Denver, picked up our car and drove home.

North Carolina morning

Cordelia at the airport (headphones not connected to anything)


Kate said...

What a beautiful state! Loved seeing the rain shots. When SONshine was 2 and a half, we flew for the first time to Oregon and he had his first taste of junk food- ice cream. My friend whom we were visiting is a professional photographer, so she snapped him going after that ice cream like his happiness depended on it. That's still my favourite shot of our first trip.

Stacy said...

Wow, look like such a lovely visit! And I love Cordelia's hair in those little ponytails.

Clare said...

I love the kicky red skirt!
Clare in NorCal

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