Tuesday, August 2, 2011


On our second day we went to the Badlands, which is about an hour from Rapid City.

There was also a sign that warned prairie dogs have the plague

The Badlands

Eric and Cordelia badlands
Eric and Cordelia at the Badlands

Inspired by the romance of the rugged landscape Cordelia and Lucas had their first kiss.

first kiss
Kids grow up way too fast these days

Eric Badlands

Emily and I badlands
Emily and I

After that we went to Wall, SD--home of the infamous Wall Drug. If you are wondering what it is think of a tourist/cowboy mall with a touch of amusement park.

wall drug
Walking into Wall Drug

Cowboy Flavor---not exactly a vegan mecca.

Pappy will tell your fortune for the cost of $1

piano playing gorilla
There was also a piano playing gorilla.

After our dizzying stay in Wall Emily and her crew had to hit the road, headed back to OK. Eric, Cordelia and I returned to Rapid City where we did a little shopping, ate some grub. Later we went downtown and happened upon a Celtic Faire--there were some costumes, sword brandishing and possibly some lute playing.

Celtic Faire

What did you do over the weekend?


Kate said...

I MUST see Wall. Gotta get my fortune, plan my life, you know.

Kate said...

Also, I love the Budweiser camping camo chair in the Celtic Faire shot. Classic!

Emily said...

The kissing shot is just too much. I can't handle the cuteness!
What a fun day!

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