Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Over the Years

I love to look back at times gone by. One way that I do this is by looking back at the same point in time over the years.

Here are Augusts 2007-2011

August 2007: We were living in Denver. We had just finished up coursework at grad school. I had just gotten work as a secretary (not befitting my years of education) after a frightening summer when we weren't quite sure how we were going to move forward. Eric was working part time. Regardless of our rather precarious situation we managed to have fun, as we always do.

August 2007-3
Goofing off at a Denver diner

August 2007-2
Eric...just being Eric

August 2007-1
Not sure what is going on in this photo......

August 2008: August 2008 found us in Washington for a friend's wedding. I was working at a non-profit (a job that I really enjoyed) and Eric was doing some free-lance work as he looked for an art history job in Denver. We were feeling a bit more stable (at least financially) than we ever had and we had just decided that maybe it was time to start thinking about starting a family.

August 2008-3
Eric in Washington

August 2008-2
Eric and I

August 2008-1
Me (remind me that I need to get a haircut soon)

August 2009: We had a big year in 2009. Moving to Wyoming, new work, new life. August found me 8 months pregnant. We were on the brink of change.
August 2009-3
Me, pregnant

August 2009-2
Eric putting together the crib

August 2010: We were parents. We moved into a new apartment and settled into parenthood. August 2010 was about family and hanging out around town.

August 2010-2
Eric and Cordelia

August 2010-1
Cordelia and me

August 2011: This August we find ourselves as homeowners. Parents to an almost 2 year old girl. We are about to graduate with our MAs (I know---it took forever). We are settling into a new rhythm of life.

August 2011-2
Badlands, SD

August 2011
Badlands, SD


Tammie said...

man, i cannot believe cordelia is almost two already! where has the time gone!??!

Kathryn Ashcroft said...

I really enjoyed reading this. what a beautiful journey you are on xx

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