Monday, October 24, 2011

Bad Art Show

I have made a few mentions that we were excited for an upcoming Bad Art Show. Well, it finally happened this weekend. Saturday night was the night. We headed downtown to Corridor Gallery to check out the entries in this awesome event!

Cordelia and I
Cordelia and I ready for the Bad Art Show. We almost certainly wiped her mouth off before taking her out in public.

Eric, all jazzed up about the bad art show

We found some bad art in thrift stores and submitted it, along with many other folks. I was talking to one of the gallery owners and he mentioned that one painting had been brought in by the artist. Apparently she was willing to accept the fact that she had made some bad art. If only I had kept some of my early works around to enter....there was one with mermaids (made when I was 14 or 15) that comes to mind.

rat bad art show
I entered this piece found at the Goodwill.

chipmunks bad art show
Eric entered this piece which he found at a local thrift.

The opening was on Saturday night and it was great! People showed up in droves to look over the bad art, placing bids on the pieces. The winning bidder had the choice to save or destroy the work. Eric and I bid on a black velvet number that had the grim reaper riding a motorcycle, we were outbid---BOOO!
death on a hog
Death on a hog.

crowd at bad art show
The crowd. Can you find us?

The news showed up. Cordelia later appeared on the 10 o'clock news, or so we've been told....she's gonna be big I tell you, huge.

cowboy bad art show
Check out the giant cowboy and then the mini cowboys in the background.I love it!

The show was so much fun. I hope they make it an annual event, as I want some time to really hunt for my next entry.

cordelia and I at bad art show
Cordelia and I checking out the art.

duck painting bad art show
Duck floating into a nuclear blast cloud???

racetrack bad art show
Yes, this was there too...

We had a great time. What did you do this weekend?


Tammie said...

this is totally awesome. the giant cowboy/tiny cowboy one is amazingly bad.

and i love what youre wearing.

Kate said...

Can't...breathe...laughing.....too hard..... That cowboy! Maybe the wee cowmen were his pets. OMB! This is awesome!!!

Victoria said...

Hahaha! Okay, who stole the horses' back legs??!!!!! This is such a great idea. Was it a charity event? I hope!
You had Mike and I cracking up this morning..thanks!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you 3 have too much fun! I wonder if this will go well in Ottawa Canada or is it a American type of thing to do? Sounds like total FUN!

Rachel said...

the bad art show sounds like a lot of fun!

Carissa said...

The art show looked like fun! Your daughter is SO cute by the way! I am following you now :)

Mz M said...

I *love* the idea of a bad art show!! And these were some seriously prime examples of bad art...

Susan said...

I would've had to vote for the cowboys.

I can't believe Cordy was on the news and I missed it!

elizabeth said...

you look so pretty! (and is that the blouse i sent your way a long time ago???)
what a fun, funny time! :)

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