Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Currently I am...

~Loving the turkeys that come out of the mountains this time of year.

~Crocheting hats.

~Updating Wyoming Rose....check out our new stuff.

~Working on art for an upcoming show.

~Enjoying the cool fall air. I stepped outside this morning onto a carpet of leaves (bare footed thank you very much) and watched my breath hang on the air in small clouds of white.

~Adoring our little family of pumpkins

~Working on a shadow box. Results to follow tomorrow or the next day.

~Trying to decide if I should frame my Master's Degree or just wear it like a giant necklace...

~Keeping an eye on Bumblebee. She is still recovering from last week's surgery, but she is well I assure you.

~Practicing yoga with Cordelia.

~Reveling in the golden light filtering through the trees.

~Trying to decide if I have it in me to make a new bedspread.

~Plugging along through my classes for the semester. My students just had fall break, can't believe that the semester is halfway over.

~Enjoying Pinterest.

~Avoiding any raking.

What are you up to???


Kate said...

I vote that you wear it like a necklace- you earned that!

Kate said...

Also, I can't wait for SONshine to come home so I can show him the pictures of the turkeys. We saw some once in the mountains of Northern New Mexico, and we've never forgotten them!

AKM said...

Yep, wear it Flavor Flav-style. I applaud you!

"Perfect for all your poncho needs"...I love that! Such pretty new things! I will need to order something soon.

A shadow box! I wanna see!

What am I doing? I got a 95 on a paper draft (worth 20%) and I had my first simulated client for counseling last night. I rocked it! I was so scared, but it seems as though I did it well. Guess I really AM meant to be a social worker! :-)

Victoria said...

Yes, in a locket around your neck...okay, i know you won't so FRAME IT and put it in the entryway!
What am I doing?
Mosaic-ing like the wind
Preparing for my show in November
Preparing for Mike's show in November
Not cleaning my house
Worrying a sweet diversion
Cooking, of course
Enjoying fall in New Mexico

Roxee said...

I am reading everybody's blogs and wiping my ever dripping nose, guess I gotta cold somehow....

Stacy said...

Love pinterest. <3

I vote necklace.

singlemama said...

are you a pinterest addicted too??? :-)

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