Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Everything is Gonna Be All White

Yesterday morning I woke up early and in the dark I walked downstairs like a sleep zombie. I turned on the computer and took a few minutes to myself to do some work before the rest of the house woke up. When it was time to wake the gang I climbed the stairs and went to the back window and pulled aside the curtains and was totally surprised by the softly falling snow. I stood a moment to enjoy.

Then I thought about a little girl who would be so happy to see the first real snow. I wandered up to the bedroom where she was lolling about somewhere between sleep and wake. I whispered in my mom voice (something that I believe develops during the gestational period), "Cordelia, it's snowing outside."

She sat bolt upright and said, "Want to put on my snow boots." So before long we were out in the snow. Cordelia was so happy to finally have real snow, but I think Bumblebee was happiest of all...

Bouncing B

Snow on fence


C and I






snow on leaves


Stacy said...

Our snow has come and gone already. (It also wasn't the pretty variety!) Today it's supposed to be 60!

Clare said...

Did you ever read Little House in the Big Woods? I love the part when they pour maple syrup on fresh snow, it sounds delicious. Just so you know, I used "wabi sabi" as the intention for the yoga class I taught last night. Thank you for the inspiration!

Kate W. said...

What beautiful photos, Maria!! LOVE the one of Bum! She's surfing the snow, lol!

Victoria said...

Lovely shot of you in your grey knits and of course snow bunny Cordelia xo

Kate said...

So lovely! Have fun!

Carissa said...

Great pics!! By the way miss lady you won a giveaway on my blog! Stop by and give me your email address please :)

singlemama said...

beautiful pics!!!

sophie said...

Wow, snow! We finally got our first hot day, it's beginning to feel like Christmas!!

Photos are beautiful, I love the one of Bumblebee, so sweet!

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