Friday, November 11, 2011

He's Back

Yesterday was kind of a long day. I awoke early and excited. I knew Eric would be home and Cordelia and I were ready to see him. We went through the daily routine. We ate our meals, took our vitamins, played, visited with my mother,Cordelia napped later in the day and then finally it was time to go to the airport to pick him up.

We arrived a bit early to allow Cordelia time to watch from the observation deck, which incidentally also has a dance floor. So, we watched planes for a bit. Cordelia danced on the dance floor. Then we saw a light in the dusky sky, his plane was coming in for a landing. We watched as his plane glided down and safely returned him to us. Cordelia asked,"Daddy in there?" I assured her that he was. We waited for a few minutes and then headed down to meet him at the gate. We could see him coming down a hallway, Cordelia tried to break free, but I held her back in fear that she would be detained and questioned for violating airport security rules.

When he came through the doors I let her go. She ran over to him, a bounce in her step, her pigtails bobbing along to the beat. Arms up, she reached him and dove in for a hug. "Are you here for me Daddy?" she asked. I wondered if he'd turned all LA on us...he wasn't sure what that meant and neither was I so we just let it go.


He made it home, safe and sanitary, a little more tattooed, a guy with some new experiences under his belt. He regaled us, well me really Cordelia was just kind of dancing around, with tales of his trip. Updating us on dearly missed friends and fun times shared. He was working on a screenplay with his friend Jarrod, but he also managed to fill in the time with some good stuff. Glad to have the family back together.

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Emily said...

Glad he is home safe with you all tonight!

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