Monday, November 28, 2011

Project: Fabric Flower Headband

flower headband 1

Cordelia has recently decided that she wants to wear headbands. So naturally I thought that it would be a good idea to make her a few rather than buy them at the store. I made this one for her, but the idea would really work for adults as well. I am thinking it could translate well into a holiday headband for those parties that seem to pop up all throughout the month.

If you want to try and make one yourself you will need:
  • scrap fabric, 1/4 yard is more than enough, cut into long strips about 1 1/2 inches thick.
  • Fabric glue, super glue, or your favorite adherent
  • a headband blank, or re-purpose an old one that you have laying around
  • Optional: I didn't feel like it, but you could add all kinds of embellishments like beads, sparkles, felt, etc.

Step One: I used this site to guide me in my quest to make rolled flowers. I also kind of made up my own technique as I went, because that's how I roll (pun intended).

flowers and blankCompleted fabric flowers and headband blank

Step Two: I used strips of the same fabric, though you could use ribbon, yarn, paint or whatever you like to cover the headband. I used my glue to adhere it periodically so the thing wouldn't come undone in the hands of a toddler. I left the raw edges of the fabric exposed because I liked how it looked, but you could neatly fold the fabric if you wanted to try something different.

wrapping the bandWrapping the headband

Step Three: I adhered the flowers. This is also where you could add the optional embellishments.

completedWith the flowers attached

flower headband 3

There you have it, a simple project that could also be a quick and easy holiday gift idea!


Kirsten said...


Victoria said...

You always have the perfect model ;)

Kate W. said...

What a fun idea, and such a gorgeous little model! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute headband and Cordelia was willing to sit for the photo shoot! Yeah!

Stacy said...

Adorable - headband and child both!

elizabeth said...

this looks fun and sweet. :)

Susan said...

Hey, I love them! Please make more to have available at Wyoming Rose Boutique!

Kate said...

{Bella, are you seeing this? We're doing this after the burned flower thing.}

Thanks for the inspirations, Maria-Rose.

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