Friday, November 4, 2011

Project: Papier-mâché Bowl

Do you remember 3rd grade? Did you do papier-mâché? Super easy and still so much fun! This is a craft that can be done solo, with a group, with kids, whatever. You can make this as simple or as complicated as you like....


You will need:
  • a bowl to use as a mold, another for making glue
  • newspaper or paper scraps
  • plastic wrap
  • flour
  • water
Step 1: Tear your paper into strips that are approximately an inch wide, length doesn't really matter.

flour and water
Step 2: Take a bowl and mix 1 part flour with 2 parts water. Stir it into a gloopy glop. Here is the point where I should remind you to have a workspace that is covered with newspaper or something.

Step 3: Cover your mold bowl in saran wrap.

mosten paper
Step 4: Dip your strips of paper into the flour/water mix. Slap those puppies onto your saran wrap covered bowl.
Cordelia at work

bolw slop
Step 5: Once the entire bowl has a couple of layers of paper on it use your hands to press down and let the excess liquid seep out.

Step 6: Set the covered bowl(s) aside and let them dry for a few days, depending upon how wet it may take a little time. They dry faster in an area with good air circulation.

Step 7: Once dry pull the bowls out of the mold, carefully. Trim off the excess paper. You could get creative and use paper punches or anything to give the bowl an awesome edge.

Step 8: Paint

Two bowls

two bowls

Now this craft can translate into so many different projects. Need to make a pinata? Use a balloon and do it yourself! The sky is the limit. Let's take this world by storm. Let the papier-mâché madness begin!


Emily said...

You forgot to mention that wearing a sparkly hat adds to the magic! :) will be doing this project with my girls in the near future.

Victoria said...

Oh you are a brave mom! LOL!
Your bowls turned out so cute...if I only had a grandchild ;)

singlemama said...

love it!!!

Susan said...

You are such s fun little momma!

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