Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weird and Random

So today I have gone weird and random. Some of this stuff is good information, other stuff may leave you scratching your head...mostly it is just a bunch of stuff that I keep meaning to share with you....

First, and most importantly, you may have heard me mention the Copelands a few thousand times. Victoria Copeland (1/2 of the pair) has started her own awesome blog, Sixteen Cakes. Check it out. You will love her!

I recently discovered this blog, which is entirely focused on organization. Perhaps you don't know this about me, but I long to be's just not in my blood. When I see people who have folders and files and systems I feel like I've shot through something of a dimensional portal into a world that makes strange and logical sense. Anyway, I got all jazzed up by this blog and I have spent the past few days organizing. You see I have no difficulty using a good system, it's the set up that kills me. I will start to organize, but then I think about how much better things would be if I first painted them... So, I started my own family folder (like this post) and now I am thinking that there may be hope for me yet. Admittedly I spent a good deal of time on decorating, but I think I am getting somewhere.

My brother Ben is something of a wild guy. Growing up he was always doing dangerous (crazy) things. Even a few years ago he decided to row in a boat across Flathead Lake (it's huge) with no sunscreen or water. He thought (thinks) he can run faster than cars. He generally has always loved to terrify me with his antics. Anyway, he recently sent me this video with a note that read, "I'm practicing this stunt."

My favorite part is when he whistles.

Not to be outdone, my other brother Sam recently sent me this video in a text. He is using a leaf blower to push himself around on a stool

Finally, since we seem to have downgraded into how weird my family is a post that my mother recently wrote. Wait until the very end, makes me laugh hysterically to think she took that photo!

So, what is weird and random in your life today?


Victoria said...

Haha! Sam's video cracks me up! Hey! Thanks so much for the "shout out" You are my inspiration!! Oh, and that connection with your mom...true love xo

elizabeth said...

oh my goodness! what fun and silliness!

and i had seen your mom's post and laughed at it . . . :) i see where you get some of your quirkiness from!

happy friday to you!
love, ~e

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