Thursday, November 10, 2011

While You Were Away


You've been gone for almost a week and you will be home today! We are so excited to see you, but I thought I would get you (and everyone else) caught up on a few things that you missed while you were gone.
  • Cordelia asked me to give her some wings so she could fly up to the sun. When I told her that the sun was really hot she decided that she would just go ahead and jump up real high to get to the moon.
  • My morning opera. You know you missed it. For those of you that don't know, I tend to sing nonsensical opera in the mornings.
  • A couple of meetings about our art project for next week (more on that soon). Hopefully that will go smoothly.
  • I got us a couple of succulent plants. Every year when the garden reaches its end I inevitably adopt plants to add some life to the house. I abstained from buying the plants that looked diseased or on the brink of death---I am notorious for doing this (tender heart) and then infecting our house with a gnat infestation or infecting our other plants with something. Cordelia laughs at these new plants, not sure why.
  • Many strange meals. Apparently I cook with you in mind. When you are gone I just scavenge for food that will meet my nutritional needs, not necessarily something that resembles a meal.
  • I took the fastest showers in the world while Cordelia slept. I kept thinking I could hear her calling to me over the sound of the running water, so I hustled. Seriously a new record was certainly set.
  • Every time Cordelia spotted a plane she would point to it and say, "There's daddy." Apparently she didn't quite understand the situation.
  • You missed too many tea parties to count.
  • You missed raking the leaves....suspiciously.
  • You were just missed.
So, hop on that plan in California. Give the Burts a hug from us all and get home. We miss you!


Kate said...

I'm not Eric, but I liked this post. I, too, buy the broken or dying. Last summer, when my Mister was away for 3 months he would call me and tell me he'd bought bruised apples and gashed pears, thinking of me. I can't bear to leave them behind. And don't even get me started on our "Charlie Brown Christmas Trees".

Anonymous said...

Although they are imperfect, they all add character. Better than the perfect ones!

Victoria said...

Glad Eric is back with his girls!!

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