Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve, Eve

I awoke to the sweet sound of toddler voice this morning. Cordelia called to me from her room, "Momma, wanna snuggle in your bed?" How could I resist? We spent some time snuggling, Eric was oblivious as he was in a very deep sleep. Cordelia did some counting, told me a few notions that happened to be passing through her mind. Then we decided to get up as the sun was beginning to rise over the mountains, illuminating the horizon and shedding light on this important day of Christmas Eve, Eve.


Today is all about wrapping things up. I mean this in a literal sense as there are a few gifts to still be wrapped, but I also have some gifts to deliver, some Kindness Bandit activities to attend to, I need to spend some more time with Ben and Sara (they have to leave tomorrow), and we have a party to attend as well. I am going to hit the ground running today with a happy heart.

What do you still have to do to prep for Christmas?
I will be back here tomorrow as usual!


Kirsten said...

Hope you have a great day wrapping things up! I will be in my kitchen making yummy treats :)

Victoria said...

I love Christmas Eve, Eve, as it is our wedding anniversary! Today, I am making our traditional Christmas lasagna and some cakes (Cranberry Cake!) for gifts and for a party Christmas Eve. Enjoy your time with your sib!! xo

Anonymous said...

I am having a good day now that my personal stuff is over with. :)

singlemama said...

hi, maria rose.
just wanted to wish you, eric and cordelia and your families a merry xmas.

love from italy.

AKM said...

I finished 99% of my prep today! I colored my hair and wrapped the remaining presents. Now all I have to do is pack (which I do as I use things) and I'm ready! I probably won't be online tomorrow, so a very merry Christmas to you and yours!

Hugs from St. Louis,

Helena said...

Merry Christmas!

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