Thursday, December 15, 2011

Loose Ends

I have been a little singular in my focus lately, ensuring that Cordelia is on the mend has left many other tasks unfinished. When we came home from the hospital on Tuesday there was much to be done just to get the house under control. We'd left in such a hurry that there were funky messes all over. I had a bunch of laundry to do, sterilization was absolutely a necessity for a few items in our home---not to mention the regular upkeep that had gone undone.

feeling better
As you can see our little patient is feeling much improved

So I have been slowly working my way through general maintenance: sweeping, mopping and sifting through the piles of stuff that seemed to have multiplied while we were gone. I am also fitting in paper grading as I go along, the semester is nearly over and grades will soon be due.

Now I am now on to the fun projects that circle around the holidays. I am finding that even a few lost days have meant that I need to amend my rather ambitious list. I may not be sewing jackets and purses this week. A few people may be getting gift cards instead of the handmade gifts I had hoped to finish up, but I think I can still pull it all together to be a very special first Christmas in our home.

funny face
She is back to her silly self.

Over the next couple of days I hope to complete my Christmas shopping, wrap gifts, finish up a few handmade gifts and projects, our end of the year family newsletter (easier for us than Christmas cards), mail several packages, do some baking for a few goody baskets (also delivering the baskets), figure out if I am doing a Christmas dinner (plan for that if necessary), and I have a little bit of a Kindness Bandit Blitz in the works.

Sweet girl
Glad to be back in the swing of things.

Do you have a lot to finish up in the next 10 days?


Carmen said...

We have very similar posts today :) Glad to see Cordelia back to her silly self!

AKM said...

So glad to see her little smile today! I don't have much to do before Christmas. My big paper was turned in on Monday so my current project is decluttering and cleaning the apartment. Except for a few stocking stuffers, my shopping is done! I just need to wrap! :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Cordelia smiling away... I like her sweater.
For the next month or so, it's clean up time at my house as my roomie left and I will be sweeping and mopping and repairing and painting the house one color. I think a mellow yellow or very light tan coloring, not sure what color yet, but I am definitely NOT doing beige!

Kate said...

Finals. Then a Blasted, Bloody sock. Alas, knitting does not love me as much as I love knitting. But I WILL have at least ONE sock under the tree for my Mister.

We purchased/made/ordered all our gifts last month because I knew once finals began I wouldn't want to hear one more word on the subject. {To make things easier, though, we cheated- I used photos of my babes taken by my talented and dear friend Kelly and brought prints for the grandparents. I don't think they'll mind.}

I can't imagine that you'd have anything BUT a special Christmas in that home of yours!

Kate W. said...

So glad to see your little one back home and smiling, tho she still looks a wee bit pale. I love that last photo, with the sun shining on those golden curls -- she is such a beauty. I have tons to finish in these next 8 days, as we'll be traveling on the 23rd, and home there by that evening. No matter how many times I say "I'm going to have things done early this year!" it never seems to happen! Will see you all on the 24th! :)

Victoria said...

Arrrghhh! Yes, yes and yes! I am racing to get through cards, making gifts and trying to finish a mosaic on my side board (will it EVER get finished??!!)so I can serve from it! We are staying home but I'm cooking for Christmas parties and such :) Love seeing your sweetie girl smiling...makes me soooo happy!

Court said...

What a cute sweater, she looks adorable. So glad she is all better!

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