Saturday, December 24, 2011

World's Smallest Snowman

Yesterday afternoon, just as Cordelia was waking up from her nap, we got word that my brother, sister-in-law, and mom were on their way over. The purpose of the visit was to make a snowman with Cordelia. She was soooo excited.

Unfortunately the snow wasn't exactly cooperating. I don't think it could have been any more powdery than it was. Ben was not about to let that stand in his way. He pushed on...

snowman making 1
Ben and Cordelia desperately trying to make the snow stick. Ben even utilized a spray bottle, to no avail.

snowman making with cheeser
Busy at work, Cordelia giving quite a smile to the camera

Sara and snowman
Sara resorted to drawing a snowman

She probably exhibited the most sense

sara's snowman
Cordelia was quite impressed with the completed snowman

my mom
My beautiful mother

Cordelia rolling a snowball
Cordelia rolling a snowball

snowman making
My mother and I stood around being super helpful

Cordelia with tiny snowman
Cordelia was pleased with the end result, a very tiny snowman

Ben and Cordelia
Mostly she was just so happy to spend time with her family

Mom, Cordelia, Maria, Ben
Sara said that I would regret making that face, but I feel only pride.

Ben with cocoa
After the cold snowman making experience we headed indoors for a little hot chocolate.

Maria and Cordelia making chocolate bark
Cordelia helped me finish up some last minute food gifts and spent some time having private tea parties with her Sara and Ben. A wonderful afternoon!


Anonymous said...

At least you got to make a snowman, no matter the size! And the best part is family time!

Carmen said...

We have yet to have snow good enough here for snowmen :(. I like the idea of drawing one instead :). Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Veggie Tales said...

Both snowmen and Cordilia are so adorable! I love her little sunglasses.

I'm jelous that you got to make a snowman at all, I live in Canada and haven't had any real snow yet this winter!

Victoria said...

What fun! I love Cordelia in her sunglasses and snowsuit!! Have a great Christmas Day!!! xo

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