Friday, January 13, 2012

Last Night

Last night we had dinner with our friend Laura (Cordelia calls her War-uh, or sometimes Sarah). While Laura is not a vegan she is one of those awesome people who is game for pretty much anything, so the challenge of a vegan meal was nothing for this lady!
**Please excuse the photos, we forgot our camera and Eric took photos with his phone. Also, explains Eric's absence from the photos.

We pulled up in front of her house and entered. Strangely I have known Laura since she was maybe 10 and we've hung out many times, but this is the first time I'd seen her place. I love seeing people's homes for the first time, don't you? She has a cute rental with some amazing features like arched doorways an awesome built in hutch, and these crazy cool windows. We also got a chance to meet both of her lovely roommates over the course of the evening.

After a quick tour we chatted as she put the finishing touches on dinner. Cordelia colored pictures of the Wonder Pets that Laura had printed out. She even had crayons, but she is always thoughtful like that. Soon, it was time to eat!

garlic pizza
Garlic pizza

She whipped up two vegan pizzas. One was a garlic pizza. Oh, it was sooooo good. I am sorry that you weren't there for it. Truly sorry. She said it was her mother's pizza dough recipe, some garlic and olive oil, the Daiya cheese and then she topped it with torn fresh basil!


me eating
Me, eating

The other pizza was tomato sauce, Daiya cheese, olives and peppers and incredibly taste! Add to that a delicious green salad and a bunch of fresh fruit and you know we were in vegan heaven. I ate way too much. Then she brought out vegan I ate some more.

Laura, cookie dunking
Laura, dunking a cookie

Cookie dunking
Cordelia, dunking a cookie in almond milk.

We had a great night out. Cordelia was on her best behavior. Conversation was great, food was amazing, what more could we ask for? Wonderful night out!


singlemama said...

garlic pizza????
sounds good!

Kate said...

How precious is Cordelia in that outfit?! Love!

E.K. said...

Funny how you conveniently left out the part where Cordy went number 2 at the dinner table and then I put the diaper out on the front porch so it wouldn't stink up the house, ha ha! Ahh to be parents.

QuiteaCommonFairy said...

I love Cordelia's little pink poncho - did you make it?

Maria Rose said...

The poncho is thrifted find.

Tammie said...

i love what corelia is wearing. did you make the sweater?

Maria Rose said...

No, the poncho is a lucky find. She has been wearing it since she was about 6 is amazingly versatile.

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