Friday, January 6, 2012

Life is Good

Yesterday afternoon I was puttering around the house, picking up as Cordelia enjoyed an afternoon snack/ shared it with Bumblebee. My husband sent me a text wondering if there was any chance that my parents might be free to hang out with Cordelia for a couple of hours because he wanted to take me out for a date. A few texts later it was settled. Impromptu date night!

For the record most spontaneity goes out the window when you become a parent. There are naps, clothing changes, meals, winter clothes, sunglasses, snacks, entertainment, etc.---all need to be planned in advance and planning is the death of spontaneity.

I hardly knew what to do with myself. I grabbed a couple of things, packed Cordelia a dinner and then loaded up the girls (Bumblebee is one of the girls) into our car. We drove out to the museum where Eric curates.


We passed antelope grazing in the last rays of daylight. I pulled up in front of Eric's work and resisted the urge to do donuts in the museum parking lot while he locked up and met us. Cordelia cheered a happy greeting. Bumblebee chimed in with a joyful nasal whine and we hit the road.

dried flowers

We took the back way to my parent's house as the sun was setting on another winter day in Wyoming. The view was beautiful as the light laid golden rays across the dried grasses and crusted snow.

When we arrived at their house Eric grabbed Bumblebee and I grabbed Cordelia in the unspoken dance that is our life. We entered through the front door and there were a few moments of pandemonium as the dogs noisily greeted each other. Cordelia was thrilled to see her grandparents as they are really good grandparents---really good. We left her to play for two hours with my parents as we headed out to enjoy a little time to ourselves.


We drove downtown and ended up at a new to us restaurant. We checked their menu to make sure there was something vegan for us and then we took a seat in the nearly empty restaurant.


We took our sweet time. Reminding ourselves to eat slowly , parents tend to shovel it down, we talked about art and our plans for the future. We made each other laugh, we enjoyed our moment together. It was wonderful.


After dinner we hopped back into our car and drove back to my parent's house to gather our troops. When we walked in the door, there were sounds of dogs joyfully barking and a 2 year old giggling with her grandfather as they watched the crazy dogs play. We hung out for a bit, chatting and enjoying the moment with family.
Life is good.


AKM said...

What a lovely day! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Emily said...

I love spontaneous date nights! Glad you all had a good time! :)

sara said...

date nights are the best! i've yet to have a spontaneous one, but my parents are moving here next year so, fingers crossed! sounds like a lovely evening.

Anonymous said...

Ah oh how I love date nights, especially impromptu ones!!! So happy for you.

singlemama said...

life is good indeed. :-)

Susan said...

Yes, life IS good!

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