Saturday, January 14, 2012

So Quickly

A couple of nights ago Cordelia fell out of her bed in the middle of the night. Her bed is a crib that converts to a toddler bed of sorts, but the downside is that it is pretty high off of the ground, so there was some air time in her fall. We had put some pillows on the ground in anticipation that this might happen. She wasn't hurt, just freaked out by the fall. A few minutes of cuddling and she was fine.

The next day we decided that it was time for the official toddler bed. Eric spent some time assembling the bed as Cordelia helped "organize" in her room. For her organization is a fun game, it's amazing. Once the bed was assembled we retired the crib until baby number 2 is ready to use it.

bed time

We weren't really sure how she would feel about the new bed...well she was beyond thrilled. Since it wasn't quite time to go to sleep yet we just let her play in her room, she asked us to leave (so independent). We put on some music for her and walked across the hall to put away laundry in our room. We could see that she was going bananas, dancing and jumping and twirling. Occasionally she would run in and ask if it was time for bed yet.

ready to sleep

Eventually it was time for bed. Oh man, we were both unprepared for how this would make us feel. She was in her bed and soon she was sleeping like...a kid. How did we get here? How is she so big already? Life moves so quickly. Before I went to bed I took a look at that little lady in her bed and sighed. I am so happy that she is growing, but my heart aches a bit because I realize how quickly time is passing.


Kate said...

My son slept in his crib, happily, and surprisingly safely, until he was 3. Then I borrowed a bed from the housing office. Oh my. It was am extra long twin and he looked so tiny in it, yet SO big. Broke my heart. Now he's in a loft bed, and I hate that. I hate not being able to cuddle up for one story or to easily kiss him good night. He, however, adores it. I'm glad the transition went well for your lovely little girl. And she DOES look so charming in it.

Susan said...

I love that little girl so much!

Carmen said...

Oh I can remember that feeling. Aidan is still in his crib, but he's single bed is all ready for him. Given he's only a few months younger than Cordelia it will only be a matter of time. They do grow up quick don't they.

Emily said...

She is growing up! I have always found that as my heart aches when we leave a certain phase, I also feel a sense of excitement at the phase to come. It's bittersweet indeed!

PS-- Our job for this Saturday? Taking down Lucas' crib and setting up a "big boy bed". How funny!

Anonymous said...

My son's bed was a mattress on the floor.... no falling down until he was about 6 yrs old, then a "real" bed!

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