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Last night was my first lecture of the semester. I did my usual introduction which is comprised of equal parts serious scholarship, general awkwardness and humor. We covered the earliest human art last night, pausing to discuss Stonehenge I was taken back....I told the class of what it was like to look up at those huge monoliths in wonder. For just a moment I could feel the cool air of the Salisbury Plains, the sense of awe that we felt as we looked up at these monuments from the past. Suddenly I couldn't stop thinking about that trip and that time in my life.

I was 18 when I took my art tour of Europe, it was sort of an abbreviated version of the traditional Grand Tour. We went to Holland, Germany, France and England. Eric and I were able to take this trip together with a group of fellow artists and our beloved Copelands. For some reason I couldn't stop thinking about that trip all night. It would seem that I am having a little bout of wanderlust coupled with a strong dose of nostalgia.

On the plane
Eric and I on the flight over. So young.

Rhine River
Sunset on the Rhine River, Germany

Big Ben
Big Ben (yes I know Big Ben is not the actual clock)

I am feeling the itch. I want to see more. I want to share that with my family. Obviously a European adventure may be off the agenda for this summer, what with being due to deliver a bay-bay smack dab in the heart of summer, but I am still thinking a lot about travel in my future. The world is so big and so amazing. I feel like I need to see more! I want our children to feel that the world is their home, that they can see the places that they read about in books.

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower

Monet's garden
Monet's Garden

Moment with van gogh
Looking at a Van Gogh

We have traveled a lot in our years together, but it seems that the more we travel the more there is to see. Eric and I have a list of places we want to visit some places we just want to re-visit: Italy, Greece, Russia, Iceland, Norway, Japan, China, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Ireland, all over the US (we've seen a lot, but we want to see more), South America (not sure where), Egypt, oh man....I could go on and on. We just want to see it all!


Do you travel a lot? Where do you want to visit and why?


Victoria said...

I love that Italy is at the top of your "must see" list!! Perhaps we'll have to do a custom tour for the Wimmer family? It is fun to look back at your photos. You and Eric were so mature as teens, always so interested, tuned-in and energetic. It was pure joy being with you both on that journey. Cheers! To future trips!! xo

Maria Rose said...

Victoria we want to travel with you guys some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind seeing Italy because my ancestors are from Italy on my father's side, along with German and of course French.
Would love to see Bethlehem, where Jesus walked the ground...

AKM said...

Funny you should mention this, as I just made up my bucket list on New Year's Day this year. My list looks a lot like yours, actually...all parts of Europe, Japan, Russia, more of the U.S., etc. Like Roxanne, I also want to see the Holy Land as well.

Road trip to Iceland! Er, wait a minute... ;-)

Rachel said...

I would suggest Colombia for South America....though I am a bit partial being the huzband is from there. But it's got it all!!

Kate said...

We go somewhere once a month. It's always in the US, as I can't get my son a passport for a while yet, {long, complicated story}, but it's sometimes near and sometimes far.

Emily said...

Ah, to travel the world! We love traveling too. We tell ourselves that our travels abroad will have to wait until our kids get a bit older. But in the mean time, we can explore the good old United States. And reflect on our trips overseas in our pre-parent years. Like this trip of yours! I love the photo of you and Eric on the plane. So cute. You look giddy.

sophie said...

Yes, I feel your urgency and desire to see the world - I have that too. I have had the privilege of traveling a lot which has just fueled my need to see more - and to share that with my kiddies! You will get there.

Amber said...

The photo of you and Eric is so great! It's fun to see a blast from your past.

Justin and I want to travel to Germany to visit some relatives and see where our ancestors lived. We also want to travel the West Coast of the U.S. Our list is long, but those are probably the top two.

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