Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last Chance to Enter Giveaway and Belly

I haven't been sleeping well. I am just too excited. I can't wait to hang the show tomorrow. I have an interview on Friday and of course tomorrow at 10:10am we will be having a little peak at this baby and discover if we have a little lady or a little guy in there. Don't forget to enter the giveaway. Today is the last day!!!!

I have been receiving a few inquiries about how I am looking...pregnancy-wise. Apparently many of you feel that a little look at me will inform your guess about the gender. Yesterday I received an email from a friend asking if I looked pregnant from behind and whether my belly was big enough to fit a drum. So I took some photos that are really pretty weak, but you'll get the idea. Here is what 20 weeks looks like on me. For the record I don't think I look pregnant from behind, but I opted not to take the photo. I think the world will understand.

Belly 1
Small belly, but big enough that none of my pants zip anymore.

Belly 2
From the front, just missing my waist

Belly 3

So there you have it, place those guesses. I am off to sew a little bit. Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

No offence, but you just look like I did at 6 months, I could still wear my jeans and normal pants, then from 6-9 months, my belly blew up like a balloon! And I have no stretch marks, but the cesarean did a number on the belly area and I will always have a "muffin top" there.
I gained 30 lbs and the baby was only 6lbs 8-1/2 oz and after 2 months lost everything except 10 lbs.

Bettina said...

Oh my gosh; hope u don't hate hearing this, but you're teeny tiny. I swear I was huge at 20 weeks. Were u the same in your last pregnancy?

Maria Rose said...

Bettina, I am really tall, 5'11" so I definitely show much later---more room for the baby to grow up before out.

Carmen said...

Your photos make me smile :) Can't wait to hear the news!

bel said...

This is what one misses when one takes time off from the blogosphere!


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