Thursday, March 22, 2012

Life as it is now...

We are living in some precious times right now. The sun has been out. More time has been spent outside than in. We are truly enjoying a beautiful season in both nature and our family. Life,as it is now, is quite wonderful.

smooching dad
Our girl is such an affectionate kid. When her father leaves in the morning she is always good for a smooch and a "thank you for working for us." When he returns at the end of the day she exclaims, "I am so excited to see you again."

Afternoons are spent in the backyard, cleaning leaves out from corners and inspecting the new growth.

Pink dinosaurs and other remnants of play pop up in the strangest of places.

Evening walks are returning. We walk through the neighborhood, greeting others as we pass them by.

The table is clear of art projects! We have been so busy with various art projects this year it seems like they have been spilling over into our common areas for the past several months, but lately they have been finding a more manageable stasis and have not taken over our table! Hooray!

The little girl inside of me is growing. I am loving each precious moment, from the rare quiet moments to myself as I ponder the new soul growing inside me---to the questions from a two year old big sister. Yesterday Cordelia was really determined that her sister needed a pretty green hat (made by great Aunt Tina) and insisted that I find a way to get it to her in my tummy.

Reading is a constant in our lives. Cordelia has been obsessed with this strange book that I picked up at the library book sale, truthfully I had intended to tear the book apart to makes cards and gift tags. However, my girl is obsessed---so instead we read it half a dozen times a day, in addition to all of the other reading breaks. I am so happy to be raising a child who appreciates the magic of reading.

What is life like for you now?


Emily said...

Life truly is precious. I am so grateful to walk through these wonderful days with you and your family. Even if it is from afar. And I am curious to know....what is the thing that little raccoon finds in the pool?

Maria Rose said...

His reflection. He learns not to shake sticks or a rock or make mean faces at the thing in the pool. His mother tells him to "just smile" and the thing in the pool smiles back.

elizabeth said...

i was going to ask emily's question - but i see the answer. :)

and i'm so glad you are so enjoying "right now"

right now my husband is working, my kids are in the tub in their swimsuits (after getting filthy outside!), my dogs are sleeping, the windows are open, the washing machine is humming, and i'm enjoying listening to all of it while i read and comment here. :)

Rachel said...

I really like the cookies & milk pictures on your wall!! Do I recognize those from a vegan cookie recipe post?

Maria Rose said...

Rachel, good eye....yes they are from a post. I actually entered the works into a faculty show entitled "Sin."

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