Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is my father's birthday, or more accurately the anniversary of his birthday----his actual birthday was way back in the 20th century.

Cordelia with her Grandpa

Did you know....
  • My father is a little crazy about the Cardinals. He has been a loyal follower for most of his life. I am certain that all of the Cardinal team members are celebrating his birthday today as well....he is their biggest fan.
  • He works tirelessly for others. Seriously I have no idea how he does it. He is a pastor and people have need for him around the clock. He is always there for them and he never makes others feel like they are pressing in on his time.
  • On top of his work he is always there for his family. For instance, last night we were over at their house when he got home from a very long day of work (it was after 8pm and he had left before 7am). I imagine that he wanted to just lay down and sleep, but instead he ran around with Cordelia (who should have been asleep--what were her parents thinking?). They played full force until we made them wrap it up. He always makes time, even when he is exhausted.
  • For recreation he golfs. He loves golf and has for as long as I can remember. When spring arrives and that first kind of warm day reveals itself you can bet he is out on the golf course.
  • He also bowls. I think this was something he started doing to hang out with Eric, but he has proven to have a bit of a hidden talent. I think Eric will have him in a league before too long.
  • He doesn't demand attention, but you can't help but give it to him. He is one of those people who garners respect from pretty much everyone who crosses his path.
  • He is a genuinely good person. Trust me I know and I have put that goodness to the test (in my teen years people). He works endlessly to improve himself and put his faith to use.
  • He is funny, really hilarious. He goes to great and absurd lengths to make people laugh. He is simultaneously witty and ridiculous.
  • He is the best father I can imagine and Cordelia can attest to his grandfathering abilities. When he is in the room Cordelia is happiest.

Happy birthday Dad! I love you so much. It is an absolute gift and honor to be your daughter.



Court said...

aww, how sweet. happy birthday to your pops what a nice tribute to him.

Maureen said...

How lucky you are, I would change places in a hearbeat.

Anonymous said...

Holla atcha boy PMIKE

E.K. said...

"He doesn't demand attention" ...hmmm? I agree with everything else. Happy B-day old man.

Kate W. said...

Aww, what an honor, to be the subject of not one, but two blog posts today! :) Your dad is a very special man -- and how sweet your words must sound to him. I am sure he is proud and honored to be your dad, as well. I miss those opportunities to tell my dad how I feel. Here's hoping that your dad has a blessed birthday, today and every year (even though he was born in the last century! LOL!)

AKM said...

Happy birthday to your papa! They're actually having a HUGE celebration in his honor in STL today! (Well, okay, I'm sure he knows the REAL reason, heheheheh...let's hope for a birthday win!)

elizabeth said...

that picture is priceless!
cordelia is so at peace with her grandpa - what a gift. :)

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