Monday, April 2, 2012

Here and Now

We had a beautiful weekend here in Wyoming. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the temperature was perfect. There were visits with old friends and Sunday with family. There were walks in nature and the coat free days seem to add up. The signs of spring are all around: greening grass, tiny flowers blooming, leaves just starting to unfold....


pussy willow


bench time

with her dad

back gate


walking outside

by the river

and of course it wouldn't truly be spring without a heavy wet snowstorm that will melt away before the day is over. Life is good.


How was your weekend?


AKM said...

Truly I envy your Western weather. It was something like 85 degrees here yesterday and today it's going to be 90. In April. On the SECOND day of April. How this winter girl longs for one more day of snow...

Carmen said...

It's happening here too. Today I felt it was ok to take our winter boots away from the front door, and I wore a skirt with bare legs :). Beautiful photos :)

sophie said...

gorgeous colour saturated photos.

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