Thursday, April 12, 2012

It is Official


purple flowers



white flowers

Everything has come to life in the past week. The trees and vines are all bearing leaves, the grass is mostly green now. Spiders, flies, bumblebees, ladybugs, ants, worms, rolly-polys, butterflies---all over just making every inch of the earth crawl with life. The unicorns are out in full-force shooting rainbows across the land (oh that might not be true, just wondering if you are still reading). I absolutely love it. I could get lost just staring at the ground with my girl.

Flowers are blooming everywhere. The smell, oh the smell is just too wonderful. When we take walks I have to remind myself to quit sniffing lest I hyperventilate from trying to take it all into my nostrils...that would really destroy the mood. The lilacs are just about to bloom. I cannot wait. I am nuts about lilacs, their smell is about all I can take.

So, we are spending a lot of time outside enjoying the warm air (it was 82 F yesterday) and lots of pink lemonade!


Susan Struck said...

Dad always loves when the lilacs bloom as well.

Also, I think I caught a glimpse of a unicorn running by a bit ago.

Kate said...

Lilacs and dandelions are my absolute favourite flowers. Mmmm. Our lilacs are gone, alas.

Anonymous said...

My favorite flower is the lilac. Love the smell and love the purple and white ones. Another flower that has started to grow (at the house) is the bleeding heart. I wonder if I can take that with me and plant it in a pot on my apartment balcony?

Court said...

Yay. I'm super excited about our two weeks of Spring. Not so much about the four months of hundred degree summer. Those flowers look gorgeous though! My rose bushes are going beserk!

Victoria said...


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