Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Review

How was your weekend?


We went for walks along the river trail and through our neighborhood.

We spent tons of time in the backyard, enjoying all of the new growth and the blossoming trees.


Eric cleaned the gutters...whoa! Surprisingly, gutter funk makes great compost!

We celebrated our first anniversary in our first home! We are still amazed and thankful, each and every day, that we get to make our lives in this home.

running in sun

I enjoyed some time with friends this weekend. So happy to feel like I am finding a good group of lady friends from different walks of life.

Started painting our picnic table and added to my list of things to get done before baby arrives. When one thing is checked off the list another seems to instantly replace it.

Slipped into my third and final trimester. I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going by. The third trimester comes with a certain relief as the little one is becoming more capable of thriving in this outside world, even though I plan to keep cooking her until July.


Baked a blueberry cake and passed it along. I enjoy baking, but I cannot keep it in my house or I will eat it all.

Spent time with family. We had dinner with my parents, walked along the river (I love that this town has a river running through it).


I drank loads of pink lemonade. Oh yes.

Worked on a project involving nail polish, more on that soon I hope.

What did you do with your weekend?


Kirstens Kitchen said...

It is always great to have a group of lady friends..especially lady friends who also are moms :)
Did you know you can make pick lemonade with beets?!! We cleaned up the yard this weekend and burnt all the scrap wood and branches...

Roxanne said...

Pink lemonade with beets? Gotta learn more about this!
I LOVE pink lemonade. I can't have some today, it doesn't feel right.... it's snowing! I'll have some hot chocolate instead. :(

Carmen said...

Looks like a lovely weekend!

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