Saturday, May 26, 2012

Linger Here

Mornings have a nice routine for our family. The first thing I hear from Cordelia's room is, "Good morning everybody!" Her tiny little voice, which is so adorable, rings through our silent house. I roll out of bed, yes at this stage of pregnancy it is an actual roll, and cross the hall to her room. I pick up my girl and she buries her sleepy head in the crook between my neck and shoulder. I take her back to our bedroom and it is time for a morning cuddle.


She will grab my face with both of her hands and just look at me. She will whisper, "I love you." She does the same for her father. Laying between her parents she will put a hand on each of us. Often she will doze off, but sometimes she likes to talk. She will ask, "What are you thinking about mommy?" or "Are you happy?" Oh and she has no idea how happy I am. I don't think she ever will know how thankful I am to be her mother, for these moments where I get to watch her sweet and loving spirit as it is developing.

I love these mornings where I have one babe held safely within me and another is between her two adoring parents. I know that I will look back on this time when I am an old woman and marvel at all of the gifts that life has given to us.

hands on sheets

We are on the brink of some wonderful change and I am so excited, but like any new phase in life I can't help but feel a heart wrenching as I leave one joyful stage and head to the next. Somehow I know that part of me will linger here forever.

curly hair


Anonymous said...

that is so precious:) aw, that just made my morning reading that! children have no idea how just by being them, they bring so much joy! thanks for sharing!

Bettina said...

I was thinking very similiar thoughts as Eamon lay between Andrew and I this morning. It is very cold here and I have taken to giving him the first feed of the morning in our bed. Probably a bad habit, but oh so worth it!

Anne Marie said...

I miss those morning cuddles with my sweet little girl. Now I get rib busting squeezes from my teenage girl!

Carmen said...

I understand. Both kiddos join me in bed every morning, and occasionally I look at them and try to soak them in - just the two of them. Aidan being the littlest. It's so precious. The next stage will be wonderful but the current one is too :)

Susan Struck said...

I love that you have sense enough to enjoy every minute with her, just as I did with you.

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