Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Andy Mason


It's that time of year again my friends. Andy Mason is back in Wyoming for some children's concerts. He has had a huge year, touring the world over. His music is awesome. The kids are bananas for his shows and he just so happens to be a dear friend of ours.

When he started showing up here a few years back we had no way of knowing that he would turn into a celebrity in our town. Any time of year when we go to the library we are asked about Andy and his music, when he is coming, etc. We feel like cool celebrity insiders. I wonder if he'll be on the news again...?

Andy arrived yesterday evening and Cordelia was instantly over the moon about his annual appearance. She has been eagerly awaiting his arrival and he didn't disappoint.

Read more about his previous visits here and here. Also, you absolutely must check out his site right here.

If you are in Wyoming and have some kids I hope to see you at a concert this week. Otherwise check his schedule to see if he is coming to a town near you...or see about booking a show through your library.

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Anonymous said...

Never heard of Andy Mason, maybe he hasn't been in Canada? I will check out his website.

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