Thursday, June 7, 2012

Projects: Update on Current Sewing Projects

I have mentioned a few times that I have been very busy with a variety of projects. Currently I am trying to start no new projects until I work my way through several half completed projects. I am making astonishing progress and I will soon be able to start all new projects (to leave half finished-wink).

You may recall the second portion of this post, where I received a box full of all kinds of goodies. A large portion of that box of goodies was quilting squares in a variety of sizes, textures and retro patterns.I have been working my way through the enormous stash and I have a couple of new projects to share. I decided that I did not have the time or patience to trim all of the squares into the exact same size. I am just far too free form for that level of tedium, so I did what all lazy great women before me do when they find themselves in that sort of a quilting conundrum; I made a crazy quilt. Well, more precisely I made two crazy playmats. One is for our friends who will be expecting their third child in a matter of days. The second playmat is for our soon to arrive little lady.

For the record the playmates are un-ironed fresh from the wash. I am about as likely to iron, outside of the actual sewing process, as I am likely to eat green beans without theatrically gagging. 

charlie playmat

charlie playmat front and back

girl playmat

front and back girl playmat

Since I went all free form on the playmats I decided that I should try something that required a little precision. However, my attention span for precision sewing lasts about 30 minutes, up from 20 seconds. I decided that I would tackle one of my more simple projects that needed some attention. I made some new curtains for above the kitchen sink.

chevron curtains

I used an uber trendy chevron print and made super simple curtains. What is precision about that you may wonder? I made the chevron pattern match up in the middle---watch out! I know, it boggles the mind...

So what projects have you been tackling lately?


Anonymous said...

I was just about to say "Hey the lines match up!" on the kitchen curtains... Funny. I love your playmats, I looked very hard but they all look like the same size squares to me (maybe I need new glasses) they look really great!

Emily said...

I love the curtains! And the playmats are great too. Sewing of any kind is very advanced to me since I don't even know how to sew a button on a shirt.

Anonymous said...

how cute!! they turned out great! thanks for sharing!

luminousvegans said...

This is making me want to dust off the ol' sewing machine. I love the window curtains.

Kate said...

I am not into trendy stuff, but I adore the chevron prints. Love them. I now feel justified in it, because you, a unique personality/talented artist, have chevron in your home.

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