Friday, June 1, 2012

The Sweet Spot

We've hit that sweet spot, my favorite time of year. After dinner we often head out for a long walk through our neighborhood, talking and taking in the scene. Perhaps we will stop at a park so Cordelia can blow off a little excess energy before bed. Well, that's the theory, but she never really tires herself out, she's two.


We will head home as the sun is setting, the twilight seems to linger forever this time of year. We spend the rest of our evenings outside in the backyard, not really doing anything at all. Cordelia eats fruit popsicles. I wander around and do random yard work until Eric reminds me that I am pregnant and I should just sit around so I try to.

after taking the trash out


Happy Bee

We talk. We play. Cordelia explores. Bumblebee lounges in between running through the yard like a freak.

mia through the screen

Sometimes the cats come to the back door to watch with disdain.

Mr. Tattoo

robin on wire

When the light begins to fade it is time for this two year old to settle into her bedtime routine. A great way to finish the day. How I love this time of year. I can't wait to add another little lady into the mix! For the record I can now say that I am due next month!


Victoria said... just described our evenings perfectly...'cept for your darling Cordelia, of course. Miss her sweet face...and yours.

Anonymous said...

so true, this time of year is the "sweet spot"...your family walks sound lovely:) thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Everything goes by so fast! One more month and we have two girls to follow! Aren't you glad you have this blog to record things like these? I am! hee hee...

Emily said...

That is my favorite time of day too. It's somewhat magical I think! :)

Susan Struck said...

I'm so excited for "next month"!

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