Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yesterday was the 4th

Yesterday was the 4th of July. Thankfully Eric had the day off and we got to spend the day as a family. We hung out in the morning just running errands and enjoying some family time. After lunch my mother offered to watch Cordelia so Eric and I could go and see Moonrise Kingdom. Have you seen it? We were so happy to get out and watch a movie for what may be the last time in a while.

Next we picked up our little lady and went over to enjoy the evening with friends. Thankfully much of the smoke had cleared and the heat had let up a bit so we were able to really enjoy some backyard hang out time.

Dancing on the back patio.

girls into mischeif
Two girls getting into mischief.

Cordelia and her friend Sadie went bananas playing with each other. The backyard was filled with the joyful sounds of two very happy screaming girls. We were able to enjoy some grown up conversation as well, it was like a miracle.


We had a barbecue and talked all evening until two very tired little ladies had to go to bed. We didn't watch fireworks...I think our smoke covered town still had a show. Instead Eric and I spent some time on the couch watching Netflix before heading to bed. Perfect day! How did you spend your holiday?



Emily said...

Sounds lovely! What did you think of the movie? It's on our list of movies to see if we ever get to go by ourselves. We spent the evening swimming and eating dinner with friends and family. Hannah got stung by a wasp four times on her hand and arm. Then we watched fireworks at a University nearby. Lots of drama, but still a fun night!

Maria Rose said...

Emily, we really enjoyed the movie. Classic Wes Anderson.

Stacy said...

Love Moonrise Kingdom - such a great story. I spent my day with the manfriend's friends - eating good food, holding a baby and watching a few sparklers. Good stuff!

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