Friday, August 10, 2012

One Month with Elise and Giveaway Update

one month

We passed the 4 week mark on Tuesday, but the10th marks one month with Elise. Over the course of the past month she has...

  • surprised us with what appeared to be a semi-intentional roll over and subsequent nearly successful attempts.
  • had her first smile and gives more as each day passes.
  • battled what is probably a touch (doesn't always feel like a touch) of colic, poor girl. Fortunately this phase is slowly passing, thank goodness.
  • shown great interest in her family. She loves to stare at us and physically reacts, wiggling and craning her neck, when her daddy returns from work.
  • has taught us that even though one should "never, never shake a baby," a little intense and gentle jiggling of a baby can be miraculous.
  • has given her mother only 2 rough nights of sleep. She currently averages 1 wake-up around 3am and then again at 6:30-7am...don't hate.
  • proven that she is unique and very different from her sister, right from the start. We are so thrilled to get to know this girl on her own terms.
  • shown us that there are some genetic commonalities that seem to be part of our family brand.
  • seems undecided about whether or not she's going to keep her dark hair, but blue eyes seem to be imminent.

one month 

You may recall my due date giveaway. Well, 3 of you (Elissa, Katie O., and Victoria) all guessed the correct day, but Victoria was closest, guessing 9:30...only 13 minutes off! So Victoria, your box of goodies is well underway and will be heading to you soon!


Anonymous said...

aww so precious:)

Victoria said...

I am so excited!! Can you believe i was so close?!! I felt so connected to Elise during your visit. I remember when you told us her name I got chills. I would love a photo of my little soul buddy. She is adorable!! xoxo

Susan Struck said...

Oh, what a pretty smile! (It looks rather familiar, as a matter of fact.)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful girl! I can't believe how much she's changed since the last time I saw her a week and a half ago. Congrats on having such a good sleeper!

Stacy said...

Lovely post! Happy 1 month Elise!

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