Friday, August 17, 2012


So I haven't left the house much this week. I think I have been out of thouse house 2 times (for short bursts) in the past five days. Don't be alarmed. I am grooming and dressing myself and my children (says the woman typing her blog in pajamas). I am not becoming a shut-in or anything, it's just how things have been this week. My house has become my whole world for the past few days. I have been mothering and preparing for several upcoming events and engagements, not to mention the new school year.

So, we have been spending time around the house and playing in the backyard. Friends and family have been visiting us and we just haven't had the opportunity to get out of the house. Today I am sharing a few bits of our home as this is exactly what I have been up to, spending time at home.

Toys strewn about from some solid play time.

Running down the hallway

Front door reluctantly left open...this time of year we are visited regularly by people selling stuff, people converting, people campaigning. Leaving my door open is like open season to those folks.

Counter space

Coney (aka Bumeblebee) she has a small abscess that she will not leave alone. I swear this dog wears a cone at least 3 times annually.

I don't want you to be alarmed. I am getting out of the house today come hell or high water. I love my home, but I think for the sanity of all parties involved it is time we get out for a bit.

What have you been up to?


affectioknit said...

Funny about the door...I like to leave mine open as well...

~Have a lovely day!

Stacy said...

Domestic bliss can be nice sometimes. (Said by the woman who has barely been home this week!) Two concerts - thanks to groupon - and time with friends has kept me busy.

Have fun with the outing!

Victoria said...

I too have a hard time leaving the house. But I managed this week to have a five hour (!) lunch with a good friend. Otherwise...we are immersed in home projects!! Hope you had a nice day out xoxo

Anonymous said...

sometimes it's good to just be able to stay home:) love the photos! your dog is so cute!

sophie said...

I imposed a lock in for myself last weekend after dad died, it felt right to just be in my home and be quiet. I made it out on the Monday and it was just what I needed, some sun, fresh air and a large coffee.

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